August 11, 2017

Relationships, Be It In Business Or Life, Takes Big Time Work

There are many kinds of relationships, such as a friendship, work relationship or partnership, a marriage, a parent-child, or even community relationships. All relationships have their struggles, strife, disagreements, even arguments. No matter how good thing are or can be, there will always be issues that arise that create a disagreement, conflict, and or differing opinions. My wife and I have them most d...

July 21, 2017

How many of us have worked for a micromanager? How many of us have worked for a leader that has the mentality of, “They can’t do it right so I’ll just do it myself!” This sort of leadership is all too common and one of my core wishes is to help coach, teach, and counsel these types that there is a better way to everyday life in the workplace. These types of leaders absolutely suck the life and breath out of great team members every single day and really don’t know t...

July 14, 2017

How many times have we been furiously angry at our kids or spouse or team member, to the point of total uncontrollable attack mode spewing venomous words and nails like an automatic air gun nailer!? Well if you haven't, I've got ya covered!! But thank goodness I am on Nels version 10.0! This slide is my reminder to count to 1000, or walk away, or go to bed and sleep on it, whatever it takes to not spew poison at that other living, breathing, human being.  


July 7, 2017

I was reminded of this slide late last week after meeting a good man at one of my talks in North Dakota. I got to visiting with a gentleman Thursday evening, and in my usual way, I like to ask a lot of questions and see what I can learn from people and their life, and in doing so, discovered this man should be dead from a simple toothache that resulted in what we call a vegetative endocarditis (infection in the heart), that a piece of the infection to break loose an...

June 30, 2017

This slide today is about an epidemic problem we all see sweeping the world. It seems all too often we now hear of situations in which the digital world has been a part of some sparked relationship between an adult and an unsuspecting teen or even adult, most often seems a teacher, or coach. But in reality, is occurring everyday in other non-education environments, we just get to hear about the ones in the coaching and education world. This world of texting and soci...

June 22, 2017

Books… Man I hated reading growing up, matter of fact, I still don’t like reading books! I was so bad at it, I was actually in remedial reading as a 3rd and 4th grader. There was an underlying reason, but that’s another story. But, I still don’t enjoy sitting down and reading a good book. For me, with all the road time, I do greatly enjoy listening to audio books, and Audible is the best app ever!

The sad part is that only 10% of the population buys books, and the no...

June 15, 2017

Today, today, this word can be so powerful if actually done. Yet, the word "empower" is almost so overused sometimes I think people become numb to it, and it never actually occurs. The good part is, it can be easily done, we just have to "let go" and empower our people, or our kids, to make decisions and accept the outcomes however they may fall.

We all are familiar with the United Airlines recent incident, and this incident could have been totally avoided, if decisi...

June 8, 2017

We all have critics and we have all been critics. We have all sat around and talked about others who are “getting it done” and found ways to “punch bullet holes” in what they are doing. It’s so much easier to sit around and complain, be a pessimist, be negative, and be a critic rather than being fanatically positive, a supportive voice, and an eternal optimist.

This last week, we had a critic have some very negative things to say about a project we are doing, and I w...

June 1, 2017

This post if for the people that feel like from time to time, the odds are stacked against you, or maybe even always against you, and Sammie my sister! We often get to feeling overwhelmed by life. By too much pressure at work, or many different people pulling you in different directions and you don't have enough of you to "go around", or it's the end of day, and kids have had activities, everyone is tire, yet there is laundry to do, the house needs picked up, and yo...

June 1, 2017

Who all remembers their high school sporting career and all the awesome moments that were created from it!? Some maybe even game winning shots, or a momentous touchdown, or a triple overtime game, or a hit on someone that blew snot out of your nose, but you knew they felt it! Some even lucky enough to win a state championship! The memories we have are often all so vivid, we can remember them like yesterday, the smell, the feeling, the aches and the pains. It was oft...

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