Calling All Prayer Warriors!

Today we look to use social media to ignite all Pray Warriors as we pray for relief from the rain as many people are suffering across many states! We need your help, your prayers, and you know your prayer warrior friends, ignite them to join us! We look to use our collective internal voices to command external action! Today our awesome God, we come before you giving you all the glory and praise. You are an amazing God that is so good to us, and we often forget all the good you have given to us in our times of despair. Today, we come to you requesting your ultimate help and a miracle. We lean into you asking you for relief from all this rain, storms, and the anxieties along with the fe

Fear of Failure is Stopping Many of America’s Greatest People

Fear has stopped some of the greatest people on the planet from being the best version of themselves. I firmly believe the fear of failure is rapidly becoming one of the biggest ingenuity, entrepreneur, or inventor destructor emotional movements of today. It happens in very big ways for many people each day, but it is most often very simple movements each day be it a plethora of “safe” decisions made each day to not do something, or do something less risky vs a decision to take a bigger risk. As societies evolve, risk mitigation increases linearly along with daily comfort. In 1930, daily comfort was never really achieved as most people were fending just to put food on the table and survi

Inspiration Wins Over Mental Mind Games

Behavior is typically achieved by manipulation or inspiration. There are those that manipulate and those that inspire. Inspiration comes through our words, actions, and our potential to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Manipulation is to handle or control someone in a clever or unscrupulous way. The key aspect is to inspire someone takes an “it’s not about me, it’s about something bigger than me” motive. And manipulation is typically firmly rooted in selfish inward fulfilling desires. We can all think of the manipulators out there, those that put a little touch of words or actions into a situation, a text, or conversat

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