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Toxic People (and what to do with them)

Charlie Munger, the Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, says, "You need to identify toxic people and get them the hell out of your life. And do it fast!" We can all think about people over the course of life that don't make us better. Those people that tend to subtract from instead of add to. Those people who are draining - physically, emotionally, mentally - rather than pouring into you.

You have to ask yourself, "HOW MUCH ARE YOU WILLING TO TOLERATE"? Success will largely depend on who and what you will tolerate...and for how long. Toxic people will limit your success. Period.

We can all identify someone that isn't adding to your success. Once they are identified, what do we do next?

Check out the VIDEO BELOW and let's talk about how to handle toxic people. Because, as we always say, we're in this together.

Cheers, amigos.


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