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Comfort Is The Enemy Of Progress

Our Boy Nash Update - Day 2 Madonna

Nights and pain continue to improve but his body craves movements and he tends to struggle from midnight to 2 am. But with some pain management is able to sleep well before and after those times.

This morning’s start was rough but he powers through and pushes through all sorts of new pains from new movements. It’s basically relearning to do all things in his lower half of his body with intensive OT and PT! His main OT is Erin and main PT is Sarah, both are rockstars, care for him, and push him through the paces! He gets very exhausted but makes very very nice progress each day as he rebuilds both strength and stamina.

He finished PT today with standing, and stood for 1:30 then for 3 minutes with no issues, such as being light headed as can be an issue (low blood pressure) in spinal cord injuries.

Finished the day with a shower! Which was excellent!!! But, his body craves movements and exercise so we have been doing leg work and stretching two different times tonight. We are beginning to develop his nightly “homework” for him to push himself harder than asked and reach his goals.

Think we will be pushing him to get back in his chair and go for a cruise around here, pushing his endurance to get outside with time, after supper each night. His body is craving it!

We have and he for sure has been pushed outside his comfort zone all the way into another whole galaxy, not just planet! But his mindset is solid in between bouts of pain, scares from not sure what his body is trying to do or not do while doing new movements as he learns physics from a very real and practical level each minute of PT and OT, outside of any textbook!

Comfort is the enemy of progress and he knows this. He is getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable but it has been a gigantic mountain the last coupe days! He is learning pain is the price of admission to his journey! It’s damn hard to watch but we get more comfortable with it knowing his price of admission to his meaningful purpose God has for him!

Prayer continues to be our bedrock of foundation in finding comfort in this adversity. He is such as awesome Christian kid, since the beginning of this journey, he has asked for us to pray with him! God is in him! God is in us! It’s only Day 2, but optimism springs eternal! We prepare for bad days and pushing through those devils as well!

Prayers for continued healing of his entire body, liver, lung, and spine and spinal cord. Prayers for nerve pain to continue to improve. Prayers for his strong work ethic, warrior like pain tolerance, honey badger perseverance, and a “go the extra mile” attitude and spirit with every session and each day!!! And a special prayer for Mac to kick ass at volleyball tryouts tomorrow!! And a safe trip for Nash’s momma and her coming here tomorrow night!

Your prayers are humbling, overwhelming, and warrior like!! Keep them coming and keep your warriors ignited!!!

Thanks to each and every one of you for you care, thoughts, prayers, messages, messages of your stories, calls, and more prayers!! We can never repay you all but hope Nash’s inspiration pays it forward for each of you!!

Much Love and Gratitude, Nels, Karen, Nash, and Mac

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