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Successful People Serve

A critical factor to anyone’s success is the ability to provide innovative solutions to people’s daily challenges, be it at work or at home. We all have the unique opportunity each day to help anyone around us with something they may need. It may be as simple as a ride to work, or help shuffle around a child after school, or give them an extra hand at work.

In business, it is our daily obligation to be resourceful to help customers find or receive solutions to the real or perceived problems. And in return. The customer will pay us back with the little green certificates of appreciation for helping solve their problem. We must be problem solvers, and we must work to be closely connected to our customers.

In the book “Thou Shall Prosper” by Rabbi Daniel Lappin, we learned that the Jewish faith believes that it is very noble to serve others, wealth is very noble, and that wealth is directly proportional to the number of people you serve. Given their devote desire to serve people, 40% of the Forbes 400 is of the Jewish faith. Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell have served millions.

Wealth can be defined in many ways whether it be in money, but also in wealth in contentment, in wealth in faith fulfillment, a wealth of family, and wealth of love and friendships, etc. For any of those forms of wealth to occur or be fulfilled, one must serve. To receive anything, one must give. To have a friend on any level and enjoy success, you must help others achieve success. Serving is about reciprocity and philanthropy to others. We must be resourceful and responsive to the needs of others, focusing on your values while working to make a big, real, authentic impact on those you touch in business and in life each day.

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