February 27, 2019

I routinely talk about the importance of who we surround ourselves with given that we become an average of the 7 people we spend the most time with.  Over time, we become what we consume.  Over time we become what we focus on.  If you focus on nothing, you will become nothing, if you focus on great things, you will become great.  If you consume (watch on tv) “The Kardashians” you will become the Kardashians.   If you consume motivational readings, you will become mo...

February 20, 2019

Each day there are many details that occur with or without our attention.  It may be how observant we are as we drive to work on the events around us on our drive, like my kids waving at the cross-walk attendant each day by Jefferson school.  Other details may be the next meeting of the day and getting there on time.  Or maybe it is your next workout and your level of energy isn’t what it was yesterday so you cut it short by skipping a few sets.  Or it could be you...

February 13, 2019

The average American lives 78.69 years which equals about 28,700 days.  Those 28,000 days represent time, time for us to spend as we wish.  Time is our most precious asset in the world, our most finite asset, even though we have an average of 28,000 days to live.  It is finite because many people want part of your time, your wisdom, your heart and soul, your hands and feet.  It might be your work, your family, your friends, the restaurant that took 30 minutes too lo...

February 6, 2019

In business, we have the privilege of hiring people to join our teams.  The trouble is, most all of us have never hired anyone before, and most all of us had no training, teaching, or mentoring on the hiring process.  And as most of us know, we fail at the hiring process as a consequence.  We don’t take enough time, we don’t do enough interviews, we don’t know the right questions, we focus on a resume too much rather than the person, our onboarding process is not in...

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