There are only 2 powers that can help your worry

Who would agree that it seems like we live in a more agitated world today than we did 20 years ago? It seems and feels to me as we all interact every day, people tend to be more easily agitated, more easily upset, and for sure more focused on the negative vs focusing on the positive. All of these things can result in some form of worry or anxiety for some. Technology and media platforms of today places life, wants, desires, relationships, negatives, and the Jones’s in front of our eyes at all times via our handheld supercomputers and the screens many are in front of for hours a day. We can’t get away from life, other people’s lives, or super-intelligent marketing efforts short-circuiting our

Your Family Needs You Too!

Yesterday morning we had our vet meeting as we do every Monday at 7 am, and we got into a discussion on marriage, and the business of life from work, kids, and all things in between. In the nutty chaos of life, we can find ourselves simply crossing paths in the hallway, eating supper standing, and going to bed without taking time to nurture relationships within our own walls. Recently I was working with a young manager who had to work through letting go of a key team member. It was a painful, process for the young man and we had spent hours on the phone discussing, learning, and growing throughout the entire process. I was talking to him on a day right after in which he had delivered the

What is your unknown Challenger right now?

As good leaders it is paramount that we solicit others for wisdom, advice, or opinions as we make decisions for our teams, families, or organizations. I have recently talked about how we must be careful who we are listening to. We all have many people giving us thoughts and opinions, but for me, I may listen to all of them, but there are very few whom I reach out to for real mentorship. Everyone has an opinion and is willing to share it these days, but whom are you listening to. The next step in that process is what are you doing with their thoughts, mentorship, and wisdom they may provide? We often get in our “trenches”, and continue to move forward “as is”, and trudging forward with the

Choose Your Battles

We all have our battles. As a people, we can have our challenges with our kids, our friends, maybe family members, or at work, in school or sports things. Conflict, disagreements, and challenges happen every single day for almost every person, and one of two things happens. We either insert ourselves into it or we ignore it and move forward. Sometimes we need to insert ourselves into the situation, and sometimes we need to move forward and not expend our energy or emotions on it. Maybe it’s at work and someone isn’t carrying their weight, or maybe they are creating chaos through gossip or their actions or inactions. Or maybe someone at work or in your family is saying untrue things about

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