Keeping their best interests at heart

Servant leadership has become a buzzword in the leadership arena over the last number of years. And I often talk about how leadership is servant work, so I’m not sure why we put the word “servant” in front of the word leadership. Leadership doesn’t occur without serving others, it should just be automatic, otherwise, it isn’t leadership. But to dive just a touch deeper, servant leadership goes beyond serving others, it takes on the perspective of “having the other person’s best interest at heart”. For me, as a kid growing up in high school and college, and even after, my parents always had my best interests at heart. They served me well, but this kind of servant work didn’t mean that gave me

If you're not getting older, you're not getting older

This last summer my wife and I were talking about birthdays and the fact that she and a few of our friends were all turning 40 this summer. It was at one point in the conversation that she said, “If we’re not getting older, then we’re not getting older.” It took a bit for her statement to register in my dense brain, but once it did, my mind was opened to my typical thought process of “living today” and “living like no one else, so that later you can live like no one else.” Beyond Karen and a couple of friends turning 40, we have another friend turning 50. I remember my dad turning and some of the talk and “feeling” at that point in time. I have only hit one real milestone birthday of 40, and

The Cathartic Process with Your Team, Your Wife, Your Kids!

I often tell people that if you truly want your people to follow your lead you must first take a long look in the mirror for a long opportunity of self-reflection, an evaluation of your journey, followed by an almost cathartic process of communicating your journey to your people. For me, I started this process of a long look in the mirror in about 2007 after an explosive meeting in which my immature leadership skills failed my team through a tongue lashing given some execution issues in which I had no idea how to bring a solution to. Although as said, in my embryonic leadership skills I tried to bring the solution through a “beating of the troops” methodology. My look in the mirror began

Dyslexia - Navigating Through Struggles

The other night we wrapped up our day with our family in the kitchen talking about what all went on at school and work. What started as an innocent and fun conversation, soon ended in frustration and tears from our son. A simple conversation about the day created a complete meltdown by our entire family and concluded with me yelling at him for not being able to hold his emotions together and crying over something ridiculous. It wasn’t until I was lying in bed at 11:30 that night that it hit me – the emotions and anxiety of the beginning of school are here – the meltdown had nothing to do with the simple conversation we were having, it was the stress of the school year starting and all of the

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