Sex Ed With My Son and Life Discipline

Last night I had the pleasure of going through a handout from school about the sexual reproduction organs and how they work with my 11-year-old son. And I have to be honest, I had known I had to accomplish this task but wasn’t necessarily looking forward to it! But, the awesome teaching moment that unfolded was a very special and poignant opportunity in which we were able to discuss parts of the body, how they work, God’s intentions for procreation, and a discussion on chastity and discipline. As we discussed male reproductive tract, the parts, the functions, and the maturation of a young boy into a young man, the discussion was really centered around God’s creations as a man and a woman a

Take A Minute Right Now To Reread Your Last 10 Texts

We live in a fast-paced world and the fastest communicating world ever lived in. You may have experienced or been told about how when you get to a place like New York City it is extremely fast-paced and never stops. Then most all of us living in a rural area or the south, know there is inherently this slower pace. We aren’t living in a cement jungle where streets and sidewalks are crowded with people moving in a determined if not rude direction in a hurry to get somewhere. And along with the differences in paces, we often hear about two things that go along with each pace. One pace tends to be more unfriendly and as mentioned even rude, and the other pace tends to be very friendly and k

VET Leader One Day Launch 2019

Are you struggling with relationships at work? Do you have questions on how to handle conflict at home and at work? Have you had a situation in which you felt you could have handled better but need to talk to someone for more wisdom? Are you looking to partner in a team member or associate, looking to sell your business or transition out? Or maybe you are a young professional with kids and trying to navigate the demanding world of work and parenting looking for some help on both? We have the most inspiring, rejuvenating day available for you!! We are super jacked to announce the launch of our growing and continually improved VET Leader One Day, geared to be a day all about YOU! Our Vis

It's What You Learn After You Know It All

Our breadth of work as we go about our days is always limited by our knowledge and our abilities. Much like growing up as a kid playing sports, our playing time was based upon and on our ability, the coach thought we had to help win the game. Sports has a unique way of typically bringing to light the level of competence and ability to “fill the role” expected of the person in a certain position. And when push comes to shove, 80% or more of coaches put a product on the field or court in which they think those selected people can “do the job” and win the game. But in certain instances, as player development continues, we see others step in, step up, rise to the challenge, and compete or ev

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