Life is about relationships

The last two or three weeks I have been talking about relationships and marriage. It is no coincidence this happens. Because if we are married, our marriage can have a profound effect on our success in life, work, and relationships. A successful marriage will likely create even more success in business than having a poor relationship in marriage. Marriage is a very difficult thing and often starts with the unicorns and rainbows of a very meticulously planned fairy tale wedding day. That monumental wedding ceremony and day then abruptly ends into real-life scenarios of everyday life. That real-life scenario of everyday life often takes me back to the scene in the garage in our first home Kare

Full Submission is a Beautiful Thing

We all have a sense of independence to us. This independence includes other similar traits like confidence, pride, being a little cavalier and the desire to be the best. However, regardless of the profession or way of life, to be successful at anything, we all have to submit ourselves to a higher being, higher purpose, higher calling to the team or to the organization. It took me 32 years to learn the lesson of submission. To fully submit to my wife, my businesses, my coworkers, and to the process of fulfilling my extreme desire to be the very best I could be in life. Until we “submit” and forget about being “independent” or forget about being immature in marriage given our selfish desir

Don't Be The Indecisive Squirrel In The Middle Of The Road

We all make decisions for a living, be it at work, at home, in life, or as a family. Sometimes we make good decisions that allow positive progress to be made and sometimes we make decisions that negatively affect our personal or family progress or progress of ideas, work, or new ventures and adventures. If the decision made doesn’t work or does work, regardless of success, it is called sunken cost. And a sunken cost is a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. We as a people often fuss and fret about the sunken cost especially if the outcome of our poor decision was bad, cost us money, even a relationship. But we must learn to be disciplined to learn from it then ign

Pay Your Dues

Many of us have been members of organizations, maybe the Boy Scouts, maybe 4-H, or as adults something charitable like The Elks, or Lions Club, the Masons, or Red Hat Society, and in all of those organizations there are dues to pay to keep the organization moving forward with the finances to sustain and even thrive for the good of its members and others receiving benefits from the charitability of the organization. But without paying your dues, the organization fails. For us as individuals, we have the same processes occur in our lives daily, be it at work, at home, and the pursuit of life and happiness and whatever that may look like in HD for ourselves and our big hairy audacious goals.

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