The Four Most Powerful Words of Leadership

Recently at our weekly 7:00 AM veterinarian meeting, we had a discussion on submitting to a process, to an organization, or even to your spouse. And along with it, the process of committing to the same relationships. As I shared in that meeting, I had fully committed to my wife since we had started dating, but I hadn’t fully submitted to her and the greater good of our marriage until about ten years ago. Basically around the same time that our twins were born. When I say “submitted,” I am referring to the sacrifice of personal needs and desires for the greater good of the relationship. But it wasn’t until I started to think of myself less often, or not much at all, and start thinking on the

Anxiety is the meteor shower of what if's

On a day we want to be filled with Gratitude this Thanksgiving, we also know there is some anxiety that fills today and the Holiday season. Anxiety is a meteor shower of “what if’s”. It’s your inner voice creating turmoil in your body. Anxiety is experiencing failure before it occurs. Stress costs the US over $300 billion a year, and over $1 billion in medications a year. America is the most anxious nation in the world. Things like the need to please other people around us creates this anxiety. Keeping up with the Jone’s creates it. A quest for perfection creates it. A disconnect between our values and behaviors creates it. Working hard for something we don’t care about, or working

2 Simple Ways To Build Trust

Have you ever worked in a workplace where your boss or direct report was inconsistent in their daily actions? Was it an environment of you never knew which version of Boss X was going to show up at work? Was it going to be the Happy Boss X Version or was it going to be the Jekyll Boss X version? Many of us have been in those unpredictable environments and most all human beings don’t perform optimally in those environments because it creates an eggshell environment. At one point in my life, I worked at one of those places, and each day was a new day of differing versions of the Boss, of which you didn’t know if the Boss was going to be Jekyll or Hide. And in that environment, you could no

You Have 10,080 Minutes

Every week there are infernos of chaos we all fight through. Dreaded decisions to make. Events and things to do, but we just aren’t ready or aren’t prepared to execute. But the best part of it, is we have 52 opportunities each year to get a do-over. And the next best part is there are 10,080 minutes each week to do so. Time management is a crucial aspect to our success, and the best time managers will execute at much higher levels than those that don’t. Some folks like Mark Wahlberg, brother of Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block, and member of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch(how about those throwback groups!), is one of the best time managers on the planet. His day begins with the

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