Trust is built when you put your people above yourself

I frequently talk about “submission to the process” or “trust in the process” given most of us have a severe lack of impatience. And even though I was born in 1976, I have some millennial tendencies with even worse patience and wanting the future of 20 years to occur now. In Dr. Nels version 2.0, I purchased a business. The main reason was to be a hard-working veterinarian to provide more for my family, in turn, what it really meant was to make more money. But it wasn’t until about the year 2008 when I realized that “purpose” of making more money wasn’t a wise “purpose” for AMC. We were busy, there were times of complete chaos, and lack of veteran leadership to guide the ship through th

Live for Real Connections, Not for Networking

I remember when I began to hear the phrase, “Life isn’t about what you know, it’s about who you know.” It was when I was in college, learning about life every day, and I had a strong distaste for that statement, as my plan was to outwork anyone I could to achieve success regardless of who I knew. And partly in part to my personal real definition of that statement in my mind had to do with “ladder climbers”, and those types doing everything within their power, with total disregard for most all humans around them to get a better grade, a higher position in some college organization, “brown-nose” a professor or Dean, or simply a person looking to manipulate another person or situation for the

Grow yourself first, then grow leaders

We all have missions, personal items, personal values, downfalls and pitfalls, personal behaviors and habits we must work on. At this point, we recognize some and we don’t recognize others. Some of those behaviors, attitudes, and actions will be easy to work on, and others will be very difficult to work on. But the first key is recognizing those attributes we need to work on. And sometimes it takes some painful adversity, titanic challenges, and even a “rock bottom” moments to be humbled enough to learn one must take the time to sit down, reflect, assess, and resolve those behaviors, attitudes, and actions. In June of 2005, I was 28 years old and had been fortunate enough Dr. Jerry Weil

Marriage First - Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle

Life is hard. Life is busy. And much of the time, life’s distractions and busyness erodes away marriage’s subtle interactions (or lack thereof), bit by bit day by day. For most parents today, we get up, one or both parents get the kids up and off to school, then high tail it to work. After an exhausting day of work or chores, one of the parents picks tired children after a full day of learning in the classroom as well as learning social interaction and societal norms from their peers. From there, everyone jets around to piano lessons, sports practices, dance classes, voice lessons, play rehearsals, or whatever activities are on the schedule. Then at the end of the day, there is food to prep

Kids do what feels good. Adults devise a plan and stick to it.

For over decades now, there has been this word slowing emerging into a full-fledged member of some folks vocabulary, and that word is “adulting”. As quoted from Merriam-Webster, “to “adult” is to behave like an adult, specifically to do the things -often mundane- that an adult is expected to do. “ The first five months of 2016 saw a 6-fold increase in use over last year in the Lexis-Nexis database of publications, and Digiday reports that the Brandwatch has seen mention of “adulting” 642,000 times online in the last year, with usages peaking of more than 87,000 mentions. 50 years ago, kids were expected to be adults because given most all family economics, the need to produce for a family

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