Don't be afraid to seize the opportunity. Seize today!

We live in a world of procrastinators. We have all been guilty of having an actionable thought run through our head and not acting on it. And after the moment was too late we say, “I was gonna do it”, “I meant to do it”, with all procrastination leading to never got it done. Bringing our thoughts to action can be very challenging, potentially scary, and some of our thoughts take extreme amounts of courage. And often times we fear the urgency and that fear causes us to fail in bringing our thought to action. So when are you going to stop the thinking and never do “it” revolving episode, and just do it? “it” is the conversation you have needed to have with a severely damaged relationship w

Sometimes bad things happen for your own good

The year was 2005 and my wife had been approached about a new job that looked to be a better opportunity for all the right reasons. She wasn’t looking for a new opportunity but opportunity knocked. At the time we hadn’t matured enough to pray on things such as this, but with some discussion and our knowledge alone, we thought was good enough to make the decision, and Karen took the job. She began work, meeting new people, and gained some very valuable knowledge along the way. Fast forward a couple years and the birth of a set of twins, the business wasn’t doing very well. Challenges were too great and my wife and others were abruptly let go. And with one day in the life, one door just

If you are going to fall or fail, do these 3 things!

One of the first times I can recall failing came as a sophomore in high school when, for one semester in music class, I didn’t meet the expectations of the teacher (who happened to be my mother) to meet the requirements for an “A”. Of which was my only “B” I received for that semester out of all classes, in turn keeping me off the High Honors list. And in a competitive school, in a competitive class of students, that didn’t make me very happy. But as she explained to me, my mouth was open more than it was closed and I wasn’t listening well, regardless of my ability to sing or play the trombone. So, I got a “B”. Fast forward a few semesters, and it happened again! And I got the same ans

Self-awareness is critical to your success!

Self-awareness is a powerful ability of some and less powerful of others. The key part is some people are very self-aware and others aren’t. And for some, they are very internally self-aware yet have very low external self-awareness. Meaning they are very keenly aware of their internal needs and actions in self-fulfillment yet not very understanding of their effect on others. Or maybe simply more selfish. And for others, they can be very externally self-aware, yet have low internal self-awareness, simply meaning those are often people pleasers, yet often overlook what matters to them and make choices that aren’t in service to their own fulfillment. For much of my life, I really hadn’t t

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