Life Creates Chaos

Life creates chaos, growth creates chaos, progress creates chaos. The key to chaos is ensuring the chaos is constructive and not destructive. I started telling our staff years ago about how we created chaos in the culture of growth created within our organization. Entrepreneurs create chaos, we then have to get it managed, before more growth. But we can all think of the deconstructive chaos. The people that gossip. The people that create drama, live in drama, breathe drama, and are the storm. There are people in the background that nonstop create the chatter in the background that is destructive chaos. The question is, where are you in your chaos? Where are you in your constructive ch

Find Your Sweet Spot

We have all heard the words sweet spot used mostly in reference to a baseball bat or a tennis racquet, of which is the optimal place to have the ball make contact with the bat or the racquet for maximum rebound of the ball from that spot for maximum velocity leaving the bat or racquet. Or in physics, it is the place at which maximum percussion can occur. It is also an optimum point or combination of factors or qualities or any place which is optimum for a certain action to occur. For us as humans, the sweet spot for each of us individually is where you are your best version of you. And I don’t know where your sweet spot is, but you must find that spot, that place, that action. If you don

Don't Drink The Poison

Have you ever heard the saying, “You don’t know, what you don’t know.” I was reminded of that saying last night at a meeting with a community leader and businesswomen, and it took me back to my Dr. Nels version 1.0 days. And as I tell people, the average human brain doesn’t fully develop until you are 22 or 23, and I was 32 when mine fully developed. I’m a slow learner and a slow developer! But it reminds me of social media and platforms such as Facebook. We now have founders of some of these companies like Facebook and Twitter coming forward and saying that they didn’t develop these platforms for how they are being used today. Some of that is a great thing, as these platforms can be so

How To Practice Gratitude

We recently started an exercise at our clinic called “Gratitude Exercises”, in which we start a meeting and go around the room and everyone must share one thing or person they are thankful for. It all started with listening to Rachel Cruze on a radio show one day where she recommended it. The huge impact of this exercise is that it is difficult to be hateful when you are grateful. We also asked people to start a Gratitude List on their phone or a piece of paper, but somewhere in which it is easily accessible, so that the next time emotions or a devastating day occurs, we can reach for the list and be reminded of the many blessings we can be thankful for rather than focus on the unkind act

Successful People Serve

A critical factor to anyone’s success is the ability to provide innovative solutions to people’s daily challenges, be it at work or at home. We all have the unique opportunity each day to help anyone around us with something they may need. It may be as simple as a ride to work, or help shuffle around a child after school, or give them an extra hand at work. In business, it is our daily obligation to be resourceful to help customers find or receive solutions to the real or perceived problems. And in return. The customer will pay us back with the little green certificates of appreciation for helping solve their problem. We must be problem solvers, and we must work to be closely connected t

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