You become what your mind thinks about all day long

Everyday life is a challenge from the trenches for most all of us. Be it the unexpected work or the nonstop kid activities to keep the chasing kids around, or even doctor’s appointments to keep up with. It is in the midst of those daily activities that we don’t often take time to seek out the positive aspects of the day, or all the luxuries in life we are afforded, or the simple fact that we were granted another day on this earth. It is with each of these days that our emotions are affected with hi’s and low’s, but if you are a normal human, it is the low’s that often are allowed to guide the attitude of the day. It’s what the devil wants and often gets. The other challenge of this is we

You've got to have faith and hope started by an imagination!

I was watching a video the other day about faith and imagination that really struck a few cords. The video was by Steve Harvey, a comedian and tv personality, with multiple shows currently. He was talking about his life, going from having a job, to being homeless living in his car, to his first stand up comedian show making $50, all the way to where he is today. And he talked about faith and imagination of us as people. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. And it is with faith that we have hope we receive a few things. With some faith and hope, we then have to start believing those good things to receive will occur. But it is paramount that we u

Social Media Need Not Be Ugly

Can you all believe Facebook has been around since 2004!? I looked back on my own profile to see when exactly I started using Facebook, and it was August of 2008. And I’ll never forget how I started, it was after I saw one of my best friends, a university professor in California, using it. Of which is the main reason Facebook started. It was started by a group of college friends at Harvard as a way to interact socially and network amongst college students at Harvard. They then expanded it to other area colleges in the Boston area (of which did you know there are 37 colleges in the Boston area!?), then other Ivy league schools and Stanford. It then expanded to other colleges and down in

Good Players Can’t Overcome Bad Coaching

Many things in life often can be related to an analogy or some sort of sport that we may have played or been involved in. We just watched the annual Big Dance, in which there were 68 teams picked to be a part of the field to see who has the muster, perseverance, urgency, talent, teamwork, determination and hustle to be college basketball’s national champion. Out of over 4,500 players on a college scholarship in the Division 1 college basketball, only 884 of those players get the opportunity to advance from the initial rounds. We sit back and watch, and every year there are Cinderella stories of teams advancing that should never have beaten their opponent. Watching an incredible upset can u

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