Get To The Point You Crave Negative Feedback

Negative feedback begins at a very early age, basically from the point of childhood, when our parents either would verbally give us feedback to tell us various things such as, “Stop doing that!” or “Would you please stop hitting your sister!”, etc. Or even do the absolutely horrible physical tactic of spanking us! Insert sarcasm! Guaranteed I deserved every swat and needed more! The next level of negative feedback came from our teachers and coaches in the classroom, on the field, or on the court. As time goes on, and we become older, the negative feedback slows or even becomes non-existent. Some of it is we aren’t in standard learning situations, such as the classroom or a sport, but it also

Grit predicts who gets to the finish line of hard goals in life

This week, we talk about the word “grit” and what it means. Grit is defined as passion and perseverance in pursuit of long-term goals. There are several reasons why grit is on my mind. 1) It was a word my mother used with my sister and I as we grew up and experienced our own trials and difficulties, and I believe the Russian-German blood is an extremely stout dose of grit that they still pass along to this day. And the earliest definition I hold of it is true to the work, in gritting your teeth and get it done as my mom always said. 2) I heard the word used in a speech last week that I couldn’t have agreed more with the context it was used in and will talk on more later. But the biggest r

Even a Fool Looks Wise Keeping His Mouth Shut

How many times have we been in a conversation, be it face to face, over the phone, an email, or a text, and when the conversation is over you think to yourself, “I shouldn’t have said that.” We all have. The importance of good communication is something I have to constantly remind myself and we talk about in our clinic almost every day. There is an old Proverb that says, “Even a fool looks wise when he keeps his mouth shut, and discerning if they hold their tongue.” This Proverb has been one verse I keep in my head as best I can, as for me, conflict and chaos can be often. As I tell our people, the more you do, the more chaos and conflict we create. And we have to embrace conflict and ma

Prove The Doubters Wrong!

It all started with a disappointing loss. Roger Bannister lost the 1500-meter race in the 1952 Olympics held in Helsinki. It was that point in which a loss sparked a man to do something never done before, and that was to run a sub 4-minute mile. This feat had never been accomplished before and was even researched by the human medical field and found physically impossible for the human heart and body to run a 4-minute mile. But with that loss, Roger Bannister returned home to his home country of Britain and begin intensified training for the impossible. Training begins, running miles upon miles, with pacers, and running many intervals. Several races were run, as he and others attempted t

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