People Who Pray Together Grow Together

The power of prayer is a wonderful, miraculous intangible thing offered and afforded to all of us, yet if you are like me, wasn’t truly embraced for the better part of my life until the stresses of various life events, business events literally dropped me to my knees in times most of us have been through. And in those times being, when there is no one else to turn to, it can be dark, and often even lonely, and you reach to your core for help, and often being late in that “reach”, we go to the man upstairs in desperate despair for his help. In those life event times, we do so, and in many miraculous ways, those desperate prayers get answered. Sometimes as we wish and sometimes as the man ups

It All Takes Work

We all get up every day, climb out of bed, and get to work. For some, that process is happy and inspired, for some, that process is just kind of “blah”, and for some, that process is dreaded, hated, and life sucking. For me and everything I am involved with, it is my ultimate goal for everyone involved, to be able to get up each morning, come to work, greatly enjoy what they do each day, be inspired by the culture, have their “cup” and heart filled with fulfillment, and go home with a smile to enjoy their evening. For me, in Dr Nels 1.0 at AMC, there were people that came to work and didn’t enjoy each and every day, and that was my fault, as the culture wasn’t “right” yet, leadership was po

Grit Is The New College Degree

I was reading an article on hiring practices over the weekend, and it was talking about hiring practices both old and new, and the article rang a bell with me in a number of ways, the first being the discussion on Grit. But to take it a little deeper, I have the privilege of interacting with a good number of college kids and I love to talk to them, find out who they are, where they are from, and what they want to do. And in these conversations over the years, I have found increasingly many of them are headed back for their master’s, or going to get their masters. And our education system is flawed in that it places so much emphasis on “more degrees equals more success”. But what they rea

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