The Law Of The Rubber Band

There are many thought leaders out there today, and many leadership leaders out there today, but no others surpass the Dean of Leadership, John Maxwell. I have learned many different ideas, practical and executional ideas from him through his books or even his daily Minute with Maxwell’s as he is one of the most prolific writers and content creators in the world today on helping us better lead people. In his writings, he has a number of “laws”, and my favorite law of his is The Law of the Rubber Band. The Law of the Rubber Band is “Growth stops when you lose tension between where you are and where you could be.” As for a rubber band, it is basically useless until we stretch it. To get t

5 Things We Need To Do On A Daily Basis

As the son of an educator, there was a daily reminder to learn, be it verbally or through my mother’s actions. There was never this question of if you were going to college, it was the question of where you were going to college. There was a very high level of emphasis placed on learning and education, because her parents believed in the learning process and education. But as we talk about learning and 5 things we must do every day, we must be reminded, there is a difference between education and learning, because I am reminded on a daily basis, due to my friends in academia, that many of the most educated folks hold little wisdom to truly “moving the needle” in this world, and are just tr

When Work Gets Personal

This week’s Leadership Thursday is a very special one to me, as it represents growth on two people’s part. As I go around the nation talking to various groups about business, leadership, etc, I usually talk about “caring for your people” at some point in any of my talks. And as I consult feed-yards and other businesses, I routinely bring this same subject up in terms of handling personnel issues. The fact is, every single person at work is a real live human being with a heart, soul, and mind, and we all have our outside work troubles and daily distractions. Some have more than others due to personal choices and constant drama in their lives, and others have outside distractions totally o

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