We Must Influence People Towards Wisdom And Delayed Gratification

I often talk about how the world moves at such a jet speed pace. With messages traveling 50 times faster than ever, sent to us by 100 times as many people as ever before, on a daily basis. With our consumption of this mostly “file 13” and non-life changing media at the highest levels ever. We are bombarded virtually every second with the mastermind marketing of some product that we need, have to have, or can’t live without. Just think about it. Think about your internet or television experience and all our great world is constantly trying to persuade your cerebrum into believing you can’t live without whatever tool, trade, “experience”, trip, product or thingamajig! It has created this

Having An Attitude Of Gratitude

The power of saying “Thank You”, we believe creates and are two of the greatest world changing, game-changing , life full-filling words possible to be ever spoken or written by any of us. The principle of saying “Thank You” is often engrained in us as small children by our parents, or even by a teacher or a coach, as we get a little older. And for some, maybe it has never been engrained or instilled as having a heart of thankfulness or gratitude. In working with veterinary students routinely, or working to improve the lives of people I am involved with on a routine basis, we often discuss this very simple principle. And as we find, there are a good number of people of whom we must help l

Giving Thanks To Those Giants We Stood On

We often go through life, be it personally or professionally, with advantages over others given our ferocious appetite for work, or our innate ability to have extreme self-awareness in knowing and understanding people, or high levels of relational communicative skills, that can make way for undeniable success. The work harder, work longer, work smarter, not just work smarter, philosophy can create many opportunities for those willing to take them. But what we often forget, is that we got our start, or were given a tremendous foundation to achieve greatness, because we are standing on the shoulders of giants before us, that allowed us to springboard ahead to get more wins. The picture shown

What you are afraid of is never as bad as you imagined!

We all go through life full of opportunity. It is constantly knocking on our door. It is just around the corner. Opportunity is everywhere imaginable. But our #1 issue with creating or pursuing an opportunity it often involves change. And for most all personality types, that change we are pursuing creates a feeling of discomfort, sometimes painful feelings are resurrected from previous vivid experiences of pursuing opportunity and achieving failure that may have even cost us money or a valued relationship. It is those experiences of our failed past and the future of what we are afraid of that creates this mental razor lined fence that stops many people dead in their tracks and life con

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