The Power of Positivity

In this extremely fast paced world today, with social media delivering news at lightning fast pace, and a never ending form of communication, negativity often fills "the space". We actually have to work hard at finding positive news stories, positive posts, positive feeds of any sort. An sometime is seems a though there is actually not a single positive idea, story, or just flat anything out there. Media has a feeding frenzy on destroying anything and anyone, and as the old adage goes, "It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it." is no longer true. It actually takes closer to 30 seconds given the speed and flow of information, given all those constantly seeking v

We Must Work Hard to Love Those We Like the Least

We all have people in our lives that we have had experiences with that challenge our ability to like them. Maybe someone didn't do exactly what they told you they would do. Maybe that person just flat lied to your face. Maybe that someone humiliated you in front of a group of people. Or maybe that someone did something wrong "towards you" and they don't even know it. We all have people around us each day that for some reason or another, life events make us not forget about those "wrongdoings", and we act like a human and can't "get over it". And as we think about those people deeper, how can we ask ourselves to move forward, move on from the past, have empathy for them, and actually like of

Life Events Make Us Who We Are

Life, life we all often take for granted. We to to work each day, or go to school each day, do the normal every day things, and most all of us take the very ability to breath for granted. For me personally, death of a relative or a friend hadn't really hit me in the face or made my heart sink to my feet given some stout German heritage until a couple years ago. We go through life and observe our parents lose their parent or other good friends lose a parent, and we really truly never understand this titanic until it happens to us. For me, I still am very privileged to not experience that, but my wife did two years ago this week. Some like her experience it at all too young of an age, and wor

Relationships Take BIG TIME Work

Relationships, Be It In Business Or Life, Takes Big Time Work There are many kinds of relationships, such as a friendship, work relationship or partnership, a marriage, a parent-child, or even community relationships. All relationships have their struggles, strife, disagreements, even arguments. No matter how good thing are or can be, there will always be issues that arise that create a disagreement, conflict, and or differing opinions. My wife and I have them most days, and prior to Nels version 10.0, most often times I didn't handle those disagreements appropriately, be it through bull-dozing my way past it, or ignoring it, or even not caring. Same for work, be it vets or my right hand wom

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